Anne-Catherine Trinon

🎬 “Before, I was a shit boss” by Anne-Catherine Trinon

Anne Catherine Trinon heads a communication agency specialising in retail, called Altavia Act. She has just written a book dedicated to the 10 years of participative management that she has implemented in her company. The book is called “Before, I was a shit boss”. For Betuned, she agreed to confide in his career!


Why this title? Because I made a real pivot about ten years ago. A pivot to move from a rather “top down” boss, who was very dirigiste and a little authoritarian to a boss who is now in a complete delegation and who has given autonomy and total co-responsibility to his employees.

“If I had any advice for a shitty boss, I’d say the first thing is that you have to learn to trust in order to be able to delegate. »

For me, it was the first trigger… because at the time, I was doing everything for others because I thought I knew how to do better than others and that it would go faster. And in fact, it’s a belief.


I have testimonies from my collaborators in the book. For example, the possibility that is given, whereas we were a very small structure at the time, via this model, to be able to change functions. For example, I have a computer graphics designer in the company, who is now in the digital department. One day he came into my office thinking, “I want to change my job”. In an SME like ours, it was still complicated! And in fact, as they went along, they were given the time they needed to train and change careers completely.


And that is possible through what we have implemented internally in terms of collective intelligence. Collective intelligence, for me, is several elements. The first is to move a team from obedience to autonomy and co-responsibility. When we say “autonomy and co-responsibility” it is really the possibility of changing things in the company.

“We’re a big ship, if there’s a hole in the hull, they’re the experts. They know where the hole is and how to fix it. And so, everyone puts their expertise at the service of the company. »

“Avant j’étais un patron de merde” est disponible sur le site web des éditions Lattitude des Héros au prix de 22euro ou bien dans la librairies Grantha de Liège.