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5 steps to inbound recruiting

You may have already heard about this concept derived from marketing. So nearly one in two recruiters[1] does not know what it is, the other half already practice inbound recruiting without even knowing it. But how can we be effective in this field? Follow the guide, we explain everything to you.


“Deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time”. This credo, which is well established within marketing departments, has made its way into the vocabulary of human resources teams. For good reason, at a time when the war for talent is raging, it is over waiting for quality applications to arrive in your email. From now on, we must go and get them.


To put it simply, inbound recruiting is the transposition of marketers’ favorite keywords: attract, convert, engage and retain. The objective remains the same: to grow the company by attracting quality applications through a well-crafted content strategy.


You need to attract talent by offering them attractive content, convert them by encouraging them to subscribe to your LinkedIn page, subscribe to your newsletter, engage them within your company and finally, retain them by including them in your strategy, talking about them on your channels and making them proud to work in your company. In other words, you must make them your first ambassadors.


But what are the essential steps not to be missed to start your inbound recruiting strategy? Where to start? By following our five tips, you will be equipped to implement your action plan.


1] Survey: Recruitment and job search in 2018.

1. How to attract talent?


In this game, content is king! Put yourself in the place of the profile you want to recruit and interest him. What does he want? What kind of information is he looking for? What are its problems?


As you have understood, the purpose is to answer the questions a candidate asks himself. For example, if you are looking for an IT profile, talk to it about the latest trends in IT, technological innovations. If you want to attract a manager, talk about new methods of project management or management, collective intelligence or the soft skills needed for this position.


In addition, today, 95% of candidates learn about the company[1] before applying for a new job. What we call the e-reputation of a society. By offering quality content, potential candidates will have the opportunity to learn more about life within the company, your vision, your values and discover the other side of the story.


2. How to distribute its content?


Your website will be your first weapon. Regularly post value-added and authentic content. Then, you just have to activate all your levers and relay this content on your different platforms. This can be done via your LinkedIn page, your Facebook page, your Instagram, your Twitter, your newsletter or even paid sponsored ads.


Do not hesitate to involve your employees so that they too can share your content with their contacts. As we know, an employee’s objective opinion is an important factor in your employer brand. The potential candidate consults the opinions of your employees as they consult the opinions of their future holiday hotel.


Don’t neglect the video. Indeed, 1 in 3[2] candidates want to see videos of the company before applying. This will allow him to immerse himself in the atmosphere within the company and put a face on his future colleagues.


3. Who should I contact?


This may seem obvious, but it is also important to know who you are talking to. This will allow you to better identify their needs, respond effectively to them and, most importantly, adapt your speech and tone to them. It will then be essential to ensure your presence at each step of its journey.


4. How to measure its impact?


Current platforms offer a large number of tools to measure the effectiveness of your actions. So don’t forget to analyze the data collected from Google Analytics, LinkedIn or Facebook, Vimeo or Youtube if you use the video. They will allow you to know what interests your audience and, if necessary, to redirect your content.


5. How to get organized?


Plan your content, frequency and topics according to the networks. The content calendar will become your best friend. In this way, you will have an overview of the events and topics you want to discuss in the future. It is the most effective way to not miss an essential event, to deal with any unexpected event and to get an overview of your strategy. However, be sure to keep a little flexibility in order to be able to react to current events.


Since Rome was not built in a day, the best profiles will not be available overnight. This is a long-term strategy. So be patient, your efforts will pay off and the talents you dream of will eventually arrive. Over time, recruiting will become child’s play thanks to the pool of quality applications you will have collected. Now it’s your turn to play!


Do you have any questions, remarks or need help? Betuned is available to advise and assist you in your inbound recruiting !