C'est quoi ton job ?

7 basic rules to respect for a quality resume

Do you want to give your career a new direction or are you looking for your first job? The first step towards your new job is simple, it consists in updating your resume. Although there are different models depending on the company or the job you are applying for, there are however universal rules that must be respected for a quality resume!


Here are the 7 basic rules to avoid vertical classification of your application:


1. Personalization is the key 


When we are looking for a job, we don’t usually apply for just one job. But a resume with a too general title won’t catch the recruiter’s eye, nor reassure the recruiter about the consistency of your search. The recruiter must understand in a few seconds the position that is right for you. In order to get a first interview, the job you are applying for must be totally in line with your resume, clearly stating the purpose of your application. The recruiter must feel, from the very first lines, that he is dealing with the right candidate.


 2. Keep it short 


Keep one thing in mind when writing your resume: a recruiter spends an average of six seconds on a resume. Knowing this, there is only one credo to remember, “keep it short”. For a young graduate or a junior, the size of the resume should not exceed one page. Therefore, avoid putting your student jobs, unless they are relevant to the job in question. Always ask yourself this question: “Does this experience bring something interesting to the recruiter? ». And if there are holes in your resume, explain them either in your resume or in your e-mail or cover letter.


Never forget, the spirit of synthesis is a skill very much appreciated by recruiters!  Besides, it is not useful to oversell yourself either. Stay humble, without attributing to yourself skills that you don’t have. The day you are unmasked, your credibility will take a hit.


3. And what about the picture? 


Should you put a picture on your resume or not? There are no rules about putting a photo on your resume. For some ositions, which require a customer contact, a photo can be an asset. For other positions, it is not necessary.


If you decide to put a photo, choose the most professional one. Forget about selfies, holiday photos and filters. It must be a proof of seriousness. Don’t you have any? Don’t panic, a relative and a smartphone will do the trick. Position yourself in front of a white background with good brightness and that’s it.


4. Too much originality kills originality!


Unless you are applying for a job in an advertising agency, it is not advisable to be too original. Your resume should be clear, organized and easy to read. The reason is simple, a recruiter goes through a hundred of resumes every day, he ends up judging them at a glance. It is therefore important to create categories, vary the fonts and spacing to offer optimal reading comfort, without outside pollution. And if you have trouble with Word, you can always use canva.com or other templates easily available on the internet.  Many free and ready-to-use templates are available.


5. A professional email address


“hunk44@gmail.com”, “littlefairy@yahoo.com”, lili@gmail.com”: this is not a good idea at all! Why? Because we’re not answering to a survey on the Internet. The recruiter doesn’t need to know your nickname or your lucky number. The best e-mail address will be as formal as possible: name.surname@something.com.


6. Misprints


Spelling mistakes, spaces, or extra letters can send your resume to trash. This is the mistake that can be costly, but it is also the one that can be most easily avoided. So, if you’re not a spelling whiz, get your resume proofread.


7. Proofread your resume


Is your resume ready? There’s only one thing left to do, proofread it carefully. It may seem logical, but many people skip that step. Don’t read it again right away. As they say, sleep on it. Leave your resume at rest and read it again the next day, with a clear head. It’s the best way to take a step back, look for mistakes and see if it’s consistent.


Now you’re ready for an interview. It’s up to you! And don’t forget that the video resume is another option. Betuned is available to answer all your questions!