employer branding

How will employer branding change your recruitment?

Employer branding has become increasingly important in recruitment in recent years. Everyone talks about ’employer branding’ and its effects on human resources. What is it really all about? How will employer branding make future recruitment easier?


What is employer branding?


According to Brett Minchington’s definition, employer branding is “the image that your organisation conveys as an attractive place to work to current employees and key stakeholders (relationships and partners, active and passive candidates, customers…), in the external marketplace”.

Employer branding is your DNA, your value proposition for current and future employees. It is what differentiates you and encourages candidates to come and work for you rather than elsewhere. It goes to the very heart of recruiting for a company.


Your value proposition


Today, the question of meaning and values has become paramount in the search for employment. What is the culture of the company, what is its management style, what is the purpose of the company, what are its values?

The candidate also looks for a range of information before applying: your reputation, the working environment, the salary package and its benefits, the style of dress, relations with the hierarchy… These are the questions that candidates constantly ask the recruitment expert that I am.

So think about your values, your differentiators, what makes working for you a unique experience. These are your USPs (unique selling propositions). Define them and group them together in your value proposition. This will form the basis of your future communication to attract candidates .

Employer branding should be honestly defined and reflect who you really are. You can of course incorporate what you are striving for as an organisation, your objectives. But make sure that you are always consistent and faithful over time, with the various internal and external groups in your organisation. This is a promise you make to future employees. As you know, a broken promise often has negative effects. It is therefore better to be consistent and transparent.

En quoi l’employer branding va-t-il changer votre recrutement ?

The advantages of employer branding


The goal is to show who you are and the benefits of coming to work for you. Employer branding allows you to attract more candidates in an often difficult market, to differentiate yourself in the famous war for talent. Why would the candidate come to work for you and not elsewhere? If everyone recruits the same way, stand out by being authentic and revealing your DNA!

A strong brand will help you develop a sense of recognition and belonging among your current employees. Overall motivation and effectiveness often go hand in hand with a strong employer brand. This will facilitate your recruitment. Your overall efficiency and productivity will reap the benefits.

Finally, you will improve employee retention and reduce turnover. An employer brand that truly reflects who you are, your values and your ambition inevitably attracts like-minded people. And who will therefore become integrated in the long term.


A general effort


Employer branding is no longer reserved for the Human Resources department. It is important to create bridges between the marketing and communication departments, but also throughout the company. Each department needs to understand the role it has to play in the process.


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