Isablle Moulart

🎥 Our advices on employer branding : #2 – Isabelle Moulart

After having seen the basics with Johan Claes, it’s Isabelle Moulart’s turn to give us her advice on using branding. Isabelle is a strategic planner for the Hoet&Hoet branding agency. Her job is to build brands. Isabelle explains the link between building a brand and employer branding.

What is the difference between the employer brand and the classic brand image?


It’s just as important and we find the same path. Today, there are a lot of brands and companies. What’s important is to make your values shine through, both at the product level and the corporate culture level, in order to achieve the right “match” between the brand and its audience. The audience can be made up of consumers or future employees who will bring the brand to life.


How important is the employer brand?


It’s like a classic brand. It is important to emerge, to create a good image to attract the best people or keep the best profiles within your company. Human capital is paramount for a company and it is crucial to have the right people in the team.


Some advice?


These are the same tips as for building a brand.

First of all, you have to be user-centric. He is not a consumer but a worker. It’s important to think about where he or she fits in and to empathize with his or her aspirations and expectations.

Then, you have to be sincere and genuine. A consumer or an employee is not fooled. They have a certain level of information. Therefore, one must speak sincerely and authentically about what one is doing, one’s values and one’s corporate culture. You must not “fake branding”, neither for an ordinary brand, nor to use it as a branding tool.

Finally, I would advise you to do “storydoing” before storytelling to have interesting and differentiating things to tell.


What is “storydoing”?


Storytelling isn’t just talking and embellishing things. It is above all initiating marketing activities within the company that allow for good motivation and involvement of all team members.


Thank you Isabelle for sharing your experience!