être heureux au travail

Virtual Onboarding: the opportunity to make a difference!

How do you welcome on board a new colleague when you’re not on board yourself!?






It’s no longer possible to go from one office to the next, explain how the coffee machine works or organise a welcome party! Of course, the current circumstances are unsettling, but it’s down to you to turn this limitation into a real opportunity to make a difference! It’s an opportunity to automate the processes and demonstrate to your newcomer that they are still very important to you!


Send out all necessary material well in advance and plan a little something for the first day


At the start of the lockdown, I received a reassuring email. HR told me that everything that the lockdown would not change the desire to take me on and that they were going to adapt things so that I could have my induction remotely. A week before my first day, they sent me all the necessary material and all my access details. I even had contact details for technical support” explains Julie.


Be sure to keep your new recruits informed and reassured. Furthermore, it’s good to keep up the tradition of the “Welcome Pack”. Imagine how surprised your new co-worker would be when the postman delivers an unexpected parcel on their first day with a message from the team. The gesture will be sure to create a “wow” effect and an immediate feeling of belonging!


Announce the start of your new co-worker internally and give them a warm welcome


Right now, it’s even more important to formalise all new arrivals within the company! To do this, notify all teams with a brief email, via a video interview in the newsletter or even a bio presentation intended to help them get to know their new colleague (10 questions and a photo) on all internal social networks. If it isn’t possible to do it in person, we recommend scheduling a welcome meeting by video conference with the team. You can also schedule individual meetings. A series of speed meetings had been organised with colleagues from the various teams and with other new arrivals to create a bond” Geoffrey told us.


Don’t skimp on discussions with the new recruit’s manager and allocate a “buddy” 


The first few weeks are often the trickiest. To support your new recruit, don’t skimp on interactions. Reassure your employees. Punctuate the induction period with regular points to get a feel for how things are going, collect feedback and check on the new recruit’s well-being. Moreover, don’t forget to set short, medium and long-term objectives and monitor progress“When I arrived, I was also fortunate to be able to count on the help of a “buddy”, namely Paul. He told me that I could call him whenever I wanted. He was always very available, kindly listened when I needed to talk and checked in on me every day to see if I was alright” recalls Julie. 


Highlight and centralise all important information in one place


The first day for a new colleague often means taking on a huge amount of information. Usually, onboarding involves an information meeting which is difficult to envisage in the current circumstances. Fortunately, digital options mean we have a huge field of possibilities open to us!


It is possible to centralise all information relating to company culture in a video presentation, to “stream” welcome videos from new colleagues, to recount the history of the company since its creation, to do a little tour of the building as a virtual filmed visit, to present video pitches of major projects, to develop learning content, even to put in place initiation stages, etc.



As you will have understood, it’s not a question of knowing whether or not you should digitalise the onboarding process, but rather knowing how to. Make a list of all the things that a new colleague might miss out on when joining your company and try to be creative! That said, even though technology is essential and allows you to compensate in various ways while being agile and responsive in coping with the current situation, the orientation process for your candidate will still remain a human experience. In the end, it’s your kindness, your smile and your attitude which will make all the difference!


If you would you like to discuss with us ways of offering an original onboarding experience via video… Give us a call!