Comment mieux gérer son temps ?

Why don’t we learn how to manage our time better?

New year means new resolutions. And this year, it’s decided, you’ve made the choice to be more efficient. But how do you avoid spreading yourself too thinly in all your tasks? How can you better manage your time? The Pomodoro method is here to help you. You’ll see, you won’t be able to do without it.


You think you’re a multitasker? Stop it right now! It has a strong impact on your productivity. A study conducted by the University of London has shown that multitasking has an effect on our IQ that is even more harmful than smoking marijuana or having a lack of sleep. Yes, you’re reading this right, spreading yourself too thin is far from being good for your health.

We propose a method, the Promodoro method, which allows you to better concentrate on a task.


How to get started with the Pomodoro Method?


Developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, it owes its name to the tomato-shaped timer used by the author. This time management technique will divide your working day into different moments.


The technique is presented in five steps:


  • Decide on the task at hand;
  • Set the pomodoro (timer) to 25 minutes. You can use the Pomodoro Tracker ;
  • Work on the task until the timer rings and write it down as done;
  • Take a short break (5 minutes);
  • Every four pomodori take a slightly longer break (15-20 minutes).


What are the advantages of this technique?


In addition to being simple to set up, this technique has several advantages:

  • It allows for better time management.
  • Your energy will be multiplied tenfold. Indeed, by giving you breaks every 25 minutes, your batteries will recharge more efficiently.
  • Better planning. By applying the Pomodoro method, you will gain in efficiency thanks to a better planning of your work. As you go along, you’ll know how much time each task requires. It’s a godsend when you have to plan your tasks.
  • A better quality of work. When you concentrate on a single task, you reduce the risk of mistakes.

Of course, not all sectors and tasks can apply this method. It is up to you to make this method your own and adapt it to your own liking.


The toolbox


  • The Pomodoro Tracker or, simpler, the timer on your phone.
  • A headset or headphones if you want to isolate yourself with music.
  • The TickTick task manager allows you to organize your work while integrating functionality.


Good concentration!